It is a concept of Italian Bar in Nerima

We are trying to create a calm atmosphere for our customers

If you are looking for a bar where you can taste Italian in Nerima, please use Bar Italia Noda Paolo, where you can taste carefully selected wines with authentic Panini. The menu proud of the pizza dough that Napoli Pizza Maker in Japan bakes with Ishigaki is selected by many customers and boasts a high repeat rate.
There is also a wide variety of liquors to taste with delicious dishes, and in addition to wine, craft beers are also popular. In order to provide a relaxing moment for our guests, we will create a calm atmosphere and treat you with courteous service, so please come visit us if you are interested.

Please see the Italian menu that you can taste with Nerima

We are looking forward to preparing various menus

Recommendation of this month

Bar menu with wine and craft beer

You can choose many menus that are most suitable for dating

Recommendation of this month

We are very welcome! Please feel free to contact us!

You can use it at women's association, company's drinking party, various events.

Party plan 4,500 yen

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It is Baru which is close to the nearest station


Store name

Bar Italiano da Paolo

Street address

Tokyo 6-3-6, Toyotama Kita, Nerima-ku, Fujiwa City Corp. 103

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 2:00

Regular holiday



If you're looking for an Italian bar around Nerima Station, why not consider Bar Italia Nodapaolo, where panini, wine and craft beer are popular. In a community-based shop that is rich in repeaters, we also accept girls' parties and private parties. We have dishes that use delicious liquor and special ingredients, as well as an atmosphere recommended for dating, so make sure you have a good time.

About us

Italian in Nerima boasts delicious food

It is a bar where you can enjoy wine while enjoying Italian at Nerima

Locally close to the station, Baru welcomes many customers who come to the store to enjoy the taste of Italy in a place near the station, with food and drink. There are many customers who come to the store with a small number of people, such as office workers after work or a couple's date. It is highly recommended that you can create a calm atmosphere so that you can enjoy delicious food while relaxing and having a pleasant conversation with the staff. There are a wide variety of wine and craft beers using Italian ingredients, and there are many customers who are lost when choosing. If you want to taste the recommendations, please speak to the staff.
Not only the type of liquor, but also the taste of authentic Panini finished by Neapolitan Pizza artisans in Japan is also popular. Panini, which can be tasted in-store or take-out, is said to be satisfied with pizza dough and is ideal for marriage with wine, as well as from gourmet customers. There is a party course, so it will be useful for a large banquet. We look forward to expanding various services, so please use it.

It is recommended that you use banquets and girls' meetings for Italian Bar in Nerima

If you want to taste Italian cuisine, then you can enjoy the delicious Panini Pizza with a glass of wine and craft beer made with Italian ingredients. Bal, which operates at lunch and dinner, boasts a high repeat rate from many customers if it can be enjoyed in a way that is tailored to the needs of the customer. The counter and table seats are available, so it is very popular as a bar that you can enjoy conversations slowly, such as women's meetings and dating, as well as customers who drink choi at a single person. The restaurant's interior was a warm atmosphere, and it was a nice place to enjoy food and drink while having a pleasant conversation.
Because it is close to the station, it is also the best choice for a large group of people, so it is also chosen as a banquet room. We offer menus such as all-you-can-drink courses and party courses, and if you wish, we can offer you private sales. We strive to carefully service and improve our services to meet the various needs of our customers, so please make a reservation and take a trip to Bar.