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Opened on Nerima Station side, Italian Bar Italia Noda Paolo is popular for enjoying authentic Italian taste at a convenient location just off the ward office. It is highly regarded at major word-of-mouth sites that it is a taste that can not be eaten in other shops, such as Panini, which is characterized by the world champion's kettle-baked dough, and an abundant variety of Italian wines and craft beers. Open from lunch to late night, please use any scene such as banquets using a popular all-you-can-drink party course with plenty of heart, women's association, and a private lunch party.

Characteristics of Bar Italiano da Paolo

Nerima's Bar Italian Nodapaolo Italian

Panini's famous Italian restaurant, which uses a large selection of authentic Italian wines and craft beers, and a dough that the world champion Napoli Pizzeria cooks, is a homey atmosphere for first-time customers to regular customers We have been enjoying it lively every day. All dishes are carefully selected items using carefully selected ingredients, and a menu with a refreshing drink menu is recommended, such as a platter of Italian-made ham and salami with a popular texture of cutting and melting and cheese platter by a specialist for aging. is.
Because the store closely connected to the area taking advantage of the location such as the station and the ward office, the party course with heartwarming all-you-can-drink is also popular, and you can use it regardless of purpose such as dating, banquets, girls' associations. The entire stylish shop is rented and reservations for dinner and dinner parties are also available, so please feel free to contact us in any situation.

How is Panini, the Italian champion at Nerima?

The Italian restaurant, where full-fledged paninis are popular, uses the dough that the world champions of Naples Pizza cooks, and it has been very well received if it has a taste that has not been experienced elsewhere. In addition, because it is a shop that also has a side of the bar that is open from lunch to midnight, Italian wine and craft beer are proud to be one of the largest assortment in Tokyo.
In addition, a slice of beef tongue steak or horse meat is prepared from a pleasing menu such as a platter of Italian produced ham and salami, a platter of freshly cut and melting texture, a plentiful cheese selection carefully selected by a ripening person, and a homemade chicken liver pate. The extensive meal menu, including grilled and main dishes, pasta and pizza perfect for closing, also offers authentic Italian flavors. As access is good close to the station and the at-home shop is popular with regular customers at a glance, please feel free to use it anytime regardless of the date, girls' association, banquet and purpose.

It is a menu provided by the Italian bar that boasts food in Nerima

Bar which can taste the taste of genuine Italian taste boasts an abundant food menu and offers various tastes at lunch and dinner. A pizza panini made with a baked pizza dough finished by a chef who is a chef at the Neapolitan Pizza, who is fully seasoned and enjoys the tongue of the customer, we are satisfied with the voice of satisfaction The Panini is also available for take-out and has a reputation for being served in the style you desire.
In addition to the main dishes, we also offer a perfect dish to taste with sake, and the freshly cut raw ham, a signboard menu, is popular if it melts in your mouth. If you are interested in the food offered by Bal, we have a menu list, so please take a look and consider visiting us.

It is list of drink menu to offer in Italian Bar of Nerima

Bar, which is selected as a venue for drinking parties, such as women's meetings and banquets, has a rich menu of Italian wine and craft beer, and is popular for enjoying various tastes such as sweet and sour. It is an assortment that enlightens customers who are interested in liquor, and the choice of wine to be eaten by the food and the weather on the day will satisfy you. You can enjoy it even if you are not good at drinking, so there are many types and cocktails with less bitterness.
There is also a choice between glass and wine, so it can be selected according to the number of people and usage. There are many customers who are bothered by the type of preference, but if you want to make recommendations, we will be happy to hear from your staff. There is also an all-you-can-drink course that you can enjoy without hesitation, so please have a look after the drink menu and make a reservation.


It is a concept of Italian Bar in Nerima

We are trying to create a calm atmosphere for our customers

If you are looking for a bar where you can taste Italian in Nerima, please use Bar Italia Noda Paolo, where you can taste carefully selected wines with authentic Panini. The menu proud of the pizza dough that Napoli Pizza Maker in Japan bakes with Ishigaki is selected by many customers and boasts a high repeat rate.
There is also a wide variety of liquors to taste with delicious dishes, and in addition to wine, craft beers are also popular. In order to provide a relaxing moment for our guests, we will create a calm atmosphere and treat you with courteous service, so please come visit us if you are interested.


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