It is a blog of the shop that also receives a party with proud Panini and wine

If you're looking for an Italian in Nerima, why not try Bar Italian Noda Paolo, which is especially recommended for local liquor and authentic Panini. The proud Panini is a full-fledged taste of using dough baked by a craftsman who has a world champion career, and a rich selection of Italian flavors such as Italian hams and cheeses carefully selected by experts in aging, such as cheeses where alcohol is advanced I will. Also, Italian wines and craft beers are one of the largest assortment in Tokyo, so it's popular if you can enjoy the authentic taste near the station. We have also updated the blog that conveys the atmosphere of the at-home shop, so please take a look.
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    Italian lunch around Nerima Station

    There are a variety of wine and beer.
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    Do you not enjoy Italian and wine at Nerima?

    In Da Paolo, which is a 2-minute walk from Nerima Station Home-made Panini is recommended! ! In genuine Italy, we eat panini with wine in the morn...
At the Italian restaurant, where local tastes can be enjoyed by local customers, the world champions will use authentic panini made from baked dough, cheese carefully selected by aging specialists, salads using fresh vegetables directly from the farmhouse, etc. I am confident in the many dishes that you can enjoy the local taste while staying in Japan. It is compatible with Italian wines and craft beers, which boasts a large assortment in Tokyo, so many customers often visit homely shops.
We also offer courses such as popular small plate dishes such as lunch menu and party menu, panini, alcohol, etc. that you can enjoy at a great deal of great value, so use in women's meetings and banquets is also recommended. Please check the blog for information on shops that can taste Italy in a good location, close to both Seibu Line and Toei Oedo Line stations, and easy to stop by after work or going out.