It is popular if you can experience the taste of Italian Bar with Nerima

Italian Bar Italian Noda Paolo near Nerima Station has been well received for its taste and atmosphere. The alcohol menu includes a selection of Italian wines and craft beers, as well as cocktails, and a small plate of liquor that includes a platter of Italian ham and salami, homemade chicken liver paste, and a plentiful cheese selection. It is also recommended that you enjoy with the food. We have a large selection of stylish dishes that will be appreciated by specialists such as Panini, so please feel free to drop by.

Italians closely connected to the area of Nerima are rich in local liquor

Because it is located near the Seibu Line and Toei Oedo Line stations, it is a local-oriented Italian restaurant that is loved by regulars, but it also has a warm, at-home atmosphere that makes it easy for first-time customers to come. There is also a bar area that is open until midnight, so we have a large selection of liquor menus, but we are particularly impressed that there are no other wines and craft beers that are particular to Italy. We have received
We also have a strong cooking menu, and you can enjoy the local taste even with a small plate of liquor, such as a platter of Italian ham and salami, and a cheese platter selected by a specialist in aging. There is also a menu where you can beat the world champion's pancake, pizza, pasta, etc. with a dough that the world champion simmers, so it's perfect for lunch and banquets and women's meetings. As group use is very welcome, please contact us without hesitation.

It is reputed to be able to experience authentic Italian bals at Nerima

You can enjoy authentic Italian taste and atmosphere while in Tokyo, and the popular restaurant is particular about food, alcohol, interior and local atmosphere. One of the best in Tokyo, an Italian wine, Craft Beer, is the number one bar that serves as a bar that is open until midnight and is a top attraction for many repeaters. Also, the food is plentiful as it is an Italian bar with a platter of Italian ham and salami, home-made pate, and a small dish that is further enhanced by the liquor selected by a specialist in aging, such as cheese. The menu that you can enjoy even non-alcohol such as typical panini and pasta has also received high praise.

Furthermore, it is a stylish, at-home shop where there are plenty of directions to enjoy the atmosphere of Italy from the inside of the shop and the interior of the shop, so feel free to use it anytime, regardless of purpose such as dating, banquets, girls' association etc. .

If you are looking for Italian in Nerima, please bring it to a popular store

It is a great success Italian restaurant every day when you can enjoy authentic taste such as Italian wine and craft beer while staying in Nerima. Not only the alcohol menu but also a variety of dishes from the ingredients such as organic vegetables salad directly from the farmhouse, a platter of Italian-made ham and salami that melts in freshly cut, and a cheese platter by a specialist for aging, boasting a number of authentic menus So, in particular, Panini, which used a dough baked by the world champion of Naples Pizza, is one of the most popular menu for regular customers who can not taste it elsewhere.
As it is often used for banquets and chartered parties, we also offer party menus with all-you-can-drink and breakfast parties that can be used for up to 30 people. You can feel the taste and atmosphere while staying in Tokyo, so it's the perfect place for women's meetings and dating, so don't choose a scene and feel free to drop in at any time.

Nerima's Italian Bar Banquet at Italian Noda Paolo

A 2-minute walk from the station and a well-accessed shop, we also offer banquets, girls' parties and reserved parties. It is very popular that you can enjoy authentic Italian wines, craft beers, cocktails, etc. along with a full-scale dish of appetizers and proud Paninis. It is a small shop that can feel the atmosphere of Italy, but if you use it for a group of 16 or more people, you can enjoy it like Wai Wai and more Italian by standing.
There is also a counter seat, so small dishes are carefully selected and carefully selected from Italian wines and craft beers, so be sure to come and visit us as if you were in a sense of locality. There are also regulars who enjoy drinking while chatting with the staff. Feel free to drop in at the stylish shops that offer atmospheres of local Italian bars, such as the wine barrels in the storefront, the bottles that line the store, and the yellow walls.


It is a concept of Italian Bar in Nerima

We are trying to create a calm atmosphere for our customers

If you are looking for a bar where you can taste Italian in Nerima, please use Bar Italia Noda Paolo, where you can taste carefully selected wines with authentic Panini. The menu proud of the pizza dough that Napoli Pizza Maker in Japan bakes with Ishigaki is selected by many customers and boasts a high repeat rate.
There is also a wide variety of liquors to taste with delicious dishes, and in addition to wine, craft beers are also popular. In order to provide a relaxing moment for our guests, we will create a calm atmosphere and treat you with courteous service, so please come visit us if you are interested.


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