The famous Panini is popular with Italians near Nerima Station

It is highly recommended that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Italian at 2 minutes from Nerima Station. Many of us will go over and over again if we can enjoy authentic Panini using baked dough of world champion with Italian wine and craft beer. We also recommend parties and women's gatherings that offer stylish shops with casual interiors that feel the atmosphere of the local bar. Enjoy Italian cuisine and drinks at Bar Italia Nodapaolo, which is open from lunch to midnight.

Nerima's Italian Bar Banquet at Italian Noda Paolo

A 2-minute walk from the station and a well-accessed shop, we also offer banquets, girls' parties and reserved parties. It is very popular that you can enjoy authentic Italian wines, craft beers, cocktails, etc. along with a full-scale dish of appetizers and proud Paninis. It is a small shop that can feel the atmosphere of Italy, but if you use it for a group of 16 or more people, you can enjoy it like Wai Wai and more Italian by standing.
There is also a counter seat, so small dishes are carefully selected and carefully selected from Italian wines and craft beers, so be sure to come and visit us as if you were in a sense of locality. There are also regulars who enjoy drinking while chatting with the staff. Feel free to drop in at the stylish shops that offer atmospheres of local Italian bars, such as the wine barrels in the storefront, the bottles that line the store, and the yellow walls.

Enjoy Italian wine near Nerima Station

The restaurant is proud of its selection of Italian wines and craft beers, and you can also appreciate the authentic tastes of alcohol. A la carte menu featuring fresh organic vegetables from farmers, cheeses selected by aging specialists, Italian raw ham and other ingredients, and an à la carte menu. Ideal for snacks such as homemade bird liver pate and pickles. In particular, Panini, which uses a dough baked by a Japanese who is a world champion as a Neapolitan pizza maker, is a proud dish that is highly appreciated for its first taste.
Because it is a community-based shop that takes advantage of the location close to a typical station in a ward with many residential areas, it is a regular trip that will often carry you at launch etc. every time you gather with your friends after a day at work. There are also you. Feel free to come and choose from the scene for the first time customers or women's meetings and dating, with a stylish, somewhat warm and homely atmosphere in Italy.

Please enjoy the taste and atmosphere of the Italian bar at Nerima

Bar Italy Noda Paolo, where you can enjoy the authentic taste of the Italian Bar right by Nerima Station, offers a large selection of Italian wines and craft beers. In addition to small plate dishes such as homemade liver pate and a selection of Italian ham and salami platter perfect for carefully selected sakes, it is also perfect for authentic paninis and closures using dough baked by Naples Pizza artisans with a world champion career There are many dishes such as pasta, and it is well received that there are many menus that you can fully enjoy Italy.
There is also a party menu that includes all-you-can-drink and a lunch menu, as well as the popular course where you can enjoy the taste of a full-scale shop outlet, there are plenty of repeaters that you use regularly with friends and colleagues. Please use popular shops regardless of purpose such as women's society and banquets, reserved lunch party with a large number of people.

It is a detailed way to Italian Bar near Nerima Station

If you are looking for an Italian bar in Nerima, then use Bar Italia Nodapaolo, which offers authentic Italian cuisine and liquor. Because it is close to the station and has good access, there are many customers who use it for a variety of purposes such as drinking Choi drinks and banquets after work, and second-party meetings. We are pleased to hear popular voices from our customers who appreciate that pizza panini using pizza dough baked by the Neapolitan Pizza craftsman is popular, and compatibility with Italian wines that are particular about the locality is also optimal.
It is not only the main panini and pasta, but also the one-course cooking, and it is a reputation that freshly cut raw ham melts in the mouth. As we have posted a detailed path to the bar to enjoy wine and craft beer without hesitation while enjoying delicious food, please take a look.


It is a concept of Italian Bar in Nerima

We are trying to create a calm atmosphere for our customers

If you are looking for a bar where you can taste Italian in Nerima, please use Bar Italia Noda Paolo, where you can taste carefully selected wines with authentic Panini. The menu proud of the pizza dough that Napoli Pizza Maker in Japan bakes with Ishigaki is selected by many customers and boasts a high repeat rate.
There is also a wide variety of liquors to taste with delicious dishes, and in addition to wine, craft beers are also popular. In order to provide a relaxing moment for our guests, we will create a calm atmosphere and treat you with courteous service, so please come visit us if you are interested.


It is Baru which is close to the nearest station


Store name

Bar Italiano da Paolo

Street address

Tokyo 6-3-6, Toyotama Kita, Nerima-ku, Fujiwa City Corp. 103

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 2:00

Regular holiday



If you're looking for an Italian bar around Nerima Station, why not consider Bar Italia Nodapaolo, where panini, wine and craft beer are popular. In a community-based shop that is rich in repeaters, we also accept girls' parties and private parties. We have dishes that use delicious liquor and special ingredients, as well as an atmosphere recommended for dating, so make sure you have a good time.