Our close contact with the region will meet the needs of our customers

Italian Bar-Bar Italia Noda Paolo, which is near Nerima Station, caters to a variety of needs from customers who are used by a small group of people, such as singles and dating, and by customers who come in large numbers such as women's meetings and banquets. In order to improve our service content.
We also offer a course menu for customers who would like to have a party, and the all-you-can-drink course is also popular. We have a list of services available, so please use them if you think.

Please visit us if you want to taste authentic Italian at Nerima

Bar which can feel the taste of authentic Italy such as authentic Panini and Pizza feels close to the area, and it is used friendly to the local customers with various needs, and from serving delicious food and liquor, It boasts a high repeat rate. You can enjoy grilled pizza dough at lunch and dinner, or enjoy panini at the take-out, and it is popular that you can taste the food in the style you want.
At dinner time, there are many wines and craft beers that are made from Italian ingredients, and it is also popular as a bar where you can taste alcohol slowly. The restaurant's calming atmosphere is the perfect time to relax and enjoy a conversation, such as a girls' association or a date. If you can consult at the time of booking, you can also receive a surprise presentation.

Nerima's Italian Bar offers a wide variety of wines and beers

Bar, which operates at a location near the station, offers an extensive menu of drink menus such as authentic Panini using Neapolitan pizza craftsmen with pizza dough finished with tuna, especially wine and craft beer with an Italian taste. I am proud. The wine carefully selected by the chef, with a focus on ingredients native to Italy, allows you to feel the authentic taste, with a strong sourness and sweetness, and various flavors, so it is popular that you can choose the type according to your preference is.
The restaurant has a table seat and a counter seat, and guests who want to relax and relax can also be provided with a stand-up seat for customers who stop by for a drink. We welcome you to relax and enjoy conversations with our customers and staff, so if you are interested, please feel free to drop by.

Bar who can taste Italian if it is a banquet in Nerima receives a chartered business

Bar, which operates closely to the local community, is full-fledged from authentic panini and pizza run by Japanese Neapolitan Pizza artisans, and a wide selection of liquors that you can enjoy along with the authentic taste. The shop's home-style atmosphere is ideal for women's meetings and banquets, and it is possible to enjoy a party with private sales. As it is the best place to gather near the station, please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a banquet room.
There are various course menus available as well as single order items. In addition to the basic plan for the all-you-can-drink course, there is also a plan where you can upgrade the types of liquor that can be provided. We suggest ways to enjoy according to your budget, so please let us know what you have at the time of booking if you think of using it at a banquet.